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Construction of Spillway of Lower Wardha Project at Dhanodi, Wardha Dist. Maharastra
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The Overview

The Indian construction industry is riding on a growth wave, and it is powered by the huge budgets on infrastructure projects. The growth is visible in the form of new highways, dams, bridges, power plants and pipelines. Construction industry is the second largest GDP contributor to the nation next only to Agriculture. The industry accounts for nearly 5-6% of the GDP and 38% of Gross Domestic Investments (GDI). It employs nearly 32 million people and its market size is worth about Rs. 2,48,000 crores. It provides growth impetus to other manufacturing sectors like cement, bitumen, iron and steel, chemicals, bricks, paints, tiles etc. On every million spent on the construction industry, 3000 skilled labor and 1300 managerial man-days of employment are generated.



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